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It’s an adventurous tour of 08 days starting from Antananarivo to Morondava as follow:


- Landscape of the highlands and the middle-West
- Barge cruise to Tsiribihina River and meeting with Sakalava population
- National Park Tsingy de Bemaraha
- Panoramas of Baobabs: baobab holy, loving baobab and Avenue of baobabs

Fine health condition, possible for all and recommended for elderly persons.

Day 1: Arrival to Antananarivo
Assistance on arrival and transfer to the city town. According to your arrival time, we can arrange a few visits of the capital Antananarivo.

- Overnight to Relais de la haute ville hotel.


Day 2: Antananarivo - Antsirabe - Miandrivazo
Departure by car to the national 7 to join Antsirabe town. We cross a landscape of rice field, hills, reforestations and streets villages along the national 7 which has each celebrity.

- Lunch to Antsirabe.

In the afternoon, we take the slopes road to the west to reach Miandrivazo.
We join the national road 34 to rally Miandrivazo, place of appointement  to make Tsiribihina river tours. A track around 200km let us to test the tropical feeling where the temperature exceeds usually 30 degrees. On arrival, we can make a few tours of Miandrivazo village.

- Overnight to Baobab hotel.


Day 3: Tsiribihina river trip by barge or motor boat.
We drive to 20km on the road to Morondava then take a trail of 30 minutes to join Masiakampy, the loading dock of the Tsiribihina river trip by motor boat.
It’s our first day on the barge where we contemplate the beautiful scenery along Tsiribihina river. Varieties of water birds: kingfisher, Cuckoo and Coucal of Madagascar... The reeds that frame the river are the home of chameleon. We will win after the primary forest on both sides of the river with different varieties of lemurs (Sifaka, Lemur fulvus ..). Late in the afternoon we reach the "beautiful waterfall" and its "natural pool". We continue after the "natural bath" to Begidro village.

- Camping to the beach of Tsiribihina river.


Day 4: Tsiribihina natural panoramas

Second day on the river. Passage through the gorges: cliffs and clay, steep over 20m on both side of Tsiribihina river isolates us to the world. Song of parrots plunges us into nature feeling. Instead of the primary forest replaces secondary forest and then; reborn behind the Betsiriry mountain. Heron hump duck... and maybe crocodiles will accompany us during this last day. We will remark also the first BAOBAB.

- Overnight under tents and "kabosy"concert with villagers ouround fire camp.


Day 5: Tsiribihina by motor boat- Belo Tsiribihina via Berevo village.
Last step of the boat trip down to Tsiribihina river: We cross Betsiriry last massive that stretches to Antsiraraka village, and then we will join the large sandbar that leads us Belo / Tsiribihina area. Transfer by 4wd to reach Belo / Tsiribihina village.

- Overnight to Karibo hotel.


Day 6: Belo Tsiribihina - Bekopaka (Tsingy Village).
Morning: Visit of Belo village.
Belo Tsiribihina.
Built in the right part of Tsiribihina River, Belo is bordered by swamps and mangroves. The town is famous for the ceremonies of "royal bath" every 5 years and the existence of Sakalava tombs.
After lunch we follow 4wd caravan to join Tsingy village called Bekopaka. Our step is continued by a 4x4 tours to the West savannahs like a safari trip type. The strike out and skids to the mud will surely surprise you and make a few discomfort.

- Overnight to Tanankoay hotel.


Day 7: Visit of National Park Tsingy de Bemaraha.
Early in the morning, we leave the village with the local guide to begin the tour to Tsingy.
National Park Tsingy de Bemaraha:
Identified as one of the world heritage by UNESCO since 1990, Tsingy of Bemaraha is both the result and the factors of a typical environment. These karst topography doesn’t exists nowhere in the world. Stretching along 150.000km2 these limestone reliefs are among the largest sites to Madagascar and one of most visited. About 90 varieties of birds and 8 species of reptiles, 10 kinds of Lemurs live in this park. Big and small Tsingy will probably please you and you will never forget it.

- Overnight to Tanakoay hotel.


DAY 8: Bekopaka - Morondava via Baobabs.
First of all, we get back the road to Belo / Tsiribihina: A journey of 96 km we relive the emotion of the safari trip.

- Lunch to Belo / Tsiribihina

Then, we cross Tsiribihina River by ferry boat; you should make a beautiful photo shoot there.
We continue our trip to Morondava through baobabs. 05 hours on track and we can appreciate successively the holy baobab, the loving baobab and the avenue of baobab on sunset that make the celebrity of the west.
Our tours end on the shores of the Mozambique Channel to Morondava.

- Overnight to Bougainvillées hotel.



Number of the group
02 pax 03-05 pax 06 - 12 pax 13 pax et plus
Touristic season (May - October) 700 Euros/pax 600 Euros/pax 500 Euros/pax 400 Euros/pax
Low season (November - April) 600 Euros/pax  500 Euros/pax 400 Euros/pax 350 Euros/pax


- Theses price is in Euros and can be converted by other money depending on the exchange rate

- The service is transportation "all included" and a hotel standart on B&B

- So, only personnal needs (coca, rhum, beer,...) and food to restaurant (lunch+diner) is not include on the price



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